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Great Sad Poems

Evil Angel

They say the Evil Angel was born in the dark,
They say she will never have a pure heart,
They say the only thing she feared was the light,
And she never went down without a fight,
They say good is something she would never be,
And I know the Evil Angel is me.

Sad Poems By: Midnight


Gothic is not Black or White, Nor is it truly gray. 
Gothic is not Day or Night, or somewhere in the fray. 
Gothic is a place I go, when all the world is realling. 
Gothic is inside of me, something more than just a feeling. 
I do not truely understand the Darkness that draws me in.               
But I know it's a place to go, that's more than just a friend.  

Sad Poems By: BlindingWhite


When theres no one around
No one to talk to
No one to listen
I wonder whats wrong with me?

Nobody cares how I feel
I'm always ALONE in the dark
wondering and wondering
how it could be me?

I suffer so hard
But who cares
I'm here ALONE
and here to stay!!!

Sad Poems By: Charlene A Connors

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