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Sad Gothic Poems

Beautiful sad gothic poems.

Sad Gothic Poems: Dark Love

Sad Gothic Poems: Death

Sad Gothic Poems: Blackness

Sad Gothic Poems: Tears

Sad Gothic Poems: Cry Tonight

Sad Gothic Poems: Glitter

Sad Sorrow

Gothic Hell

Dark Day

Sad Gothic Poems: Rose

Alive or dead

A Lost Friend

My Life Is Pain

Sad Weep

Sweet Mysery Poem

The Venom Of Death

The Lady Of The Darkest Nights

The Stranger

Golden Shoes & Diamonds Too

Withered Waste

Two Poems: Evil and Death

Sad Rendezvous With Death

Falling In to Black Hole

Between Light & Dark

Where Roses Are Black

Two Sad Gothic Poems

My Darkside

Freaks Poem

My Final Part

Talons of her Gothic Mind

Sad Welcome Poem

Sad Twilights Dawn

Painted Smile

Black Clouds

I Scream Into The Night

More Sad Gothic Poems

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