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Sad Poems: depressing

Sad Poems: Sad Me

Sad Me

being me is a shame,
in keep talking and my words are lame,
it's getting complicated,
and i'm frustrated,
i'm wondering why is this happening to me,
but in's a bad thing i can see,
it's getting worse and thats what i feel,
it's stupid and everyone says this is real .

Falling Tears...

All alone...
No one's near...
No one hears my falling tears..

Step by step...
Day by day...
Why won't life end today...

On my own...
No one's by...
When I cry...
When I die...

I Cry

Today i cry within my heart
my own sadness tore me apart

I need to know from where it came. Sadness falling down like rain, 
if my desire can't be met then sadness be the cause of death.

Today i cry within my soul
my body barely keeps control

I find myself with no regret if i were in the grasp of death.

If darkness were to compass me, will sadness set my spirit free?

Today I look into my heart my sadness dears me do not part!

If I must live this life of pain
I wish i never breath again.

Sad poems by: GG

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