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Sad Gothic Poems

Sad Gothic Poems: Black Clouds

It was two days ago, the clouds rolled very black accross the sky 
and thuner made the ground shake.  
Most everyone ran for cover in their houses and those who 
werent trying to get the last moment of television before the 
power could get knocked out were by the windows shivering 
in fear as to what was about to happen.

Not me. I put on an old leather hat I bought years ago
 and a velvet and denim jacket and thought, 
this is what I'm all about.  
I went outside as the rain poured and looked up.  
The clouds didn't have much shape to them 
but they were still rumbling with the thunder moment 
by moment and as I stood there for a while the lighting 
streaked accross the sky.  
Everyone was in their houses and here and 
there I could imagine some of them thinking 
"there's the crazy idiot with the hearse and black clothes, 
out waiting to get hit with lighting.  I didn't feel fear, 
I just kep waiting for the next blast of bright light 
over the sky and the next rumble of thunder.  
It came, followed by another and another.  
I was soaked and dripping but I finally went in 
after treating the storm like a bag of candy: 
first one then another, 
then maybe wait for one more shock of lightning through the gray.  
It was fun.

While everyone else hides, 
I stand in the wind, watch lightning and listen to the rumble.  
The dark side has it's beauty.

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