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Sad Gothic Poems

Sad Gothic Poems: Painted Smile

When I Laugh  I Laugh The Loudest.
When I Smile  I Smile The Brightest
When I Speak  I Speak The Merriest
But In Reality  I Cry The Fastest.

My Smile Camouflages
My Tormented Soul
Which Is Torn Into Pieces,
Never Again To Be Whole

With My Smile
The Truth Never To Be Revealed
My Fear Of Allowing The World
The See The Me That Is Real

I Overcast My Fears
Of Not Being Accepted
Of Being Hated Or Scorned
And Of Being Rejected

A Painted Smile On My Face
This Is Just A Big Fat Lie
I Pretend That Everything Is Okay
When In Reality I Want T To Die

I Front And I Pretend
No One Knows This Smile Isnt Real
I Live A Life Of Concealment
Hiding My Shattered Soul  Unable To Heal

I Put On A Show
So Well Rehearsed
Yet Every Single Day
I Think That Im Cursed

I Paint On A Smile
To Make People Think Im Okay
This Is Just For A While
Till Im Dead And Gone Anyway

But When Im Alone
Alone In My Room
The Smile Of Paint Is Removed
And I Face My Private Doom

Only The Walls Know
Only The Walls See
Only The Walls I Trust
They Will Never Betray Me
Cause They Know Who I Really Am
The Person I Will Always Be
The Person Beneath The Painted Smile
Never To Reveal My True Identity

The Mirror Also Knows
The Person Deep Inside
I Conceal Her From The World
But With The Mirror  I Cannot Hide
All Of My Depression
All Of My Confusion
Only, And Only The Mirror Alone
Has This Kind Of X-Ray Vision
It Sees Beyond The Surface
It Sees Deep Within My Eyes
Beyond All The Pretence
To Where The Pain And Sorrow Lie

But The Moment I Leave My Room
There Is This Painted Smile Of Lies
Never To Show That My Gloom
Even Though It Never Meets My Eyes

My Life Is A Masquerade
I Hide The Tears That I Cry
You Can't Imagine The Tears And Sorrow
Behind This Painted Smile.

Sad poems: Daniella Bertrand

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