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Sad Poems: Morbid

Sad Poems: Birthright

Elders and life.
Do I doubt.

Fear, thy continuity.
Wish to break up.
This chain.
Simply to die.

Fade away.
Fateful gloom.
Too many a demand.

Avoid, the ravages.
Of destiny.
Of time…


Of a breed of scoundrels - I am.
Of sanctimonious misfits.
Thus inherited.
Is evil's seed.

These gifts.

From father - To son.
May have passed.
Already defiled.
Our life and deed.

Seen, its work.
I have.
Recognized, falsity.
Cruel means.


With such ease.
Destroyed, my life.
Our brother's need.
Ignored are sister's pleas.

Simply, to condone...

Thy pleasure.
Your meaning.
And Me.

Poison, these lives.
Yours, our family's.

And Mine.

To question - I must.
Doubt - Our legacy.
Hesitate, my bequest.
Forbid myself.

To pass, thy poison.
Inhibit, repetitions new.
To extinguish, bloodline and lust.
For I am, remain an heir.

Subject to hate.
I hold, your despair.

Sad poems by: Ilari

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