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Sad Poems: Death

Sad Poems: If You Cared

If You Cared

I have totally collapsed
I just give in
Kill me already
I have commited 
so many sins
I slit my wrists
And can not stop
I have strawberry gashes
Up and down

I scream inside
If you cared you would know
If you cared
 you would take some time     
To see into my mind
You could help me figure out
What this is all about
You could help me 
Keep the razor in the cabnit

I'm so addicted to pain
It helps me cope 
With my stupid life
If only you would 
take the time
To find out
What these cuts are about

As I tell a million lies
I scream inside
Asking for help
To find out what
These scars 
are really about

Sad poems by: Aislinn 

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