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Sad Poems: Depressing

Sad Poems: Daggers


The clouds are long past me
But their shadows remain
The sence of dark is enveloping
seeming inhumane.

What is immortality?
I say it's just a word.
I lost my faith,it's killing me
But,it is so absured

That I am slowly losing
The battle I've already fought
That I'm slowly losing
Everything I've got.

The only thing that i have left
seems to be my skin
And the thing I can't escape from
Is the position that I'm in.

I've managed to escape my family
I've managed to escape my very best friend
I've ran away from everything,
But it's not yet to end.

I know that I will not kill myself,
But still I am afraid
Of my insecurities in life
Of the decisions I have made.

I just want it to be done
I want this to be gone
I want the suffering to stop
I just want to go on.

The truth is I've been lying
To you,and even me,
I show you an innocent girl,
A girl who is happy.

But the truth is that I hate myself
And everything around.
I don't think my pain will stop,
Till I'm six feet underm ground.

I think that im used to
the daggers in my heart.
The happines will never flow
The love won't ever start

I won't accept your help,
I will adapt to the pain...

  ...The clouds are coming back now...and its begun to rain...

Sad poems by: Ryan Smucker

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