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Sad Poems: Death

Sad Poems: Dark Death

I don't fell all right,
I think of him every night,
In the dark he was a light,
Like the sun shine bright.

He came to save me
From the dark way,
He took my fears away
And said to me.

"You must live,
You must believe,
That everything will be fine
Just forget about that time".

And now I'm alive,
He brought me to life,
But I don't know why,
I just wanna die...

The reason is he,
All I need is he,
Now He's dead,
I still remember the words he said.

It is a dark night,
And there is no light,
I'm taking the gun
And soon I'll be gone.

Soon I'll be with Him,
In the sorrowing Hell,
And I know well,
Soon I'll be with Him...

Sad poems by: Black Lips

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