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Sad Poems: Love

Sad Poems: Dark love

It is a night of death, a song of dark desire,
wolves vent their cry. The eternal one

Curling, icy wisps of death shrouds her pale form,
a timeless wrath.

Her midnight hair cascades over
translucent ivory shoulders, and her
full blood red lips part slightly, to taste the
soul streaming from the
pale flesh beneath

Now a night of new awareness,
I hunger.

Sad poems by: Pirategirl

Sad Poems: What you have done

what have you taken away?
a haze of betrayal as memories bleed.
once we tasted bliss,
untainted and wide-eyed,
but your love perished.
a hateful vision of lies -
thoughts follow hate, follow death,
love bled dry.
in a rush of sorrow,
i still love you

Sad poems by: Pirategirl

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