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Sad Poems: Morbid

Sad Poems: On Demon`s Wings

Will you haunt me in the night time with black thoughts 
and heavy dreams?
Will you hover and wait till I wake for brief moments 
so you can tease me with your shadow games?
If I light a cigarette in the darkness, 
will I see your ghost in the mirror by the flame of the match?
Will your evil memories live on in me forever, 
tainting my new love
and draping my waking hours in a gauzy gray curtain?
You are the wretch who has spoiled my joy for years to come,
who halts my movements with the dragnet of lies and deceit,
with the color and stench of dread 
and the dampness that penetrates my bones.
Hordes of resentment I harbor in the cache of my soul.
I long to be pure, to purge you from inside of me.
The woman of my fantasies has come to fill my heart 
but these dark nights I toss and turn with you.
You penetrate my thoughts and my deeds.
You infiltrate my days with your constant contact,
the favors that you beg, the shoulder you wish me to lend
though you`ve found another to give the rest of himself.
My thoughts are soiled with memories of your unbending touch,
your grasp that hampered my freedom. 
You have voodoo perplexed me with your vile spells.
You are the witch my mother hid me from.
Your touch and deep madness linger in me,
in memory and in deed.
Each time I feel as though I am growing stronger
you beckon from the darkness and reach out to grab me 
with your bestial countenance.
Your kiss threatens me as it has before. 
It is laced with betrayal and dishonor
I was warned not to trust you, oh ghost of my past
but you tempted me with your deception
Here you deceive me even still.
Fangs lurk beyond the sweet of your words, 
Your siren song echoes with greed.
Let the breeze take your magical voice away from me now.

Sad poems by: Lynn Ciesielski

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