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Sad Poems: Endings

Sad Poems: Devil

As the silence holds me
An embrace so dark and cold
Lifted up from the ground
As my powers unfold
I feel them surround me
An immortal state
I'm bringing hell to the mortals
That filled me with hate
I am the goddess
That can kill with my song
I am the keeper
Of the things that you did wrong
I'm the greater evil
I'll show you what I mean by pain
I've killed before
And I'll do it again
I'm the witch the alchemist
I'll show you death
I'll bring you the apocolypse
And with one breath and silent word I raise the dead and gone
Hordes of undead soldiers
To bring hell when the time comes
The heroine of hell and below
The twisted way of life
The mistress of the underworld
I am the devils wife.

Sad poems by: Nina

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