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Sad Poems: Death

Sad Poems: Sad Emotions

Sad Emotions

The mystery emotion that may always remain,
Is also the unjust feeling that brings so much pain. 

The friendship that we thought that would last forever,
Will now threaten the life we had together.

The doubts in our mind, the fears in our head,
We set out of friendship and got pain instead.
So many obstacles stand in the way,
Shall we give up and leave, or shall we stay? 

So many directions and different ways to go,
So many to blame and who's to know.  
How can the one you cared so much for,
Also be the one you can't stand anymore?  
When did our friendship became so unclear?
When did we start to hide in fear?    

Losing each other would be so hard to take,
Could our hearts stand it, or would they just break?
But staying together isn't just working out,
Is it just me, am I wrong to doubt?
Our friendship can only take so much we know,
Then its fragile bond seems to let go.

Shall we decide something we may hate?
Or shall we leave the rest up to fate?
So many questions, we don't know what to do,
Some have answers, but are they true?

I wrote this hoping you could read it over,
Maybe when you're done, we'll be much closer.
You may find the answers that we both seek,
To the questions that leave our emotions weak.
Goodbye my friend, and please don't sigh,
Cause deep in your heart, I know you won't cry.

Sad poems by: Noah Kazama 

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