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Sad Gothic Poems

Sad Gothic Poems: Evil and Death

Death is a tragic thing
For most.
It takes your life,
And makes loved ones sad.
When you die young,
It`s even more tragic.
Death is bad, yes,
But for some,
It is good.
If their life is bad enough,
They will commit suicide.
That makes it all the worse
For their family.
Death is fascinating,
But bad.
Death can be fascinating,
And good.
To me,
Evil is very interesting.
All the dark colors
Just add to the mystery.
A couple evil things
I don`t like.
I use to hate the evil
And love the good.
Now, I like both.
Evil can be in any form.
A person,
The weather,
And so many other forms.
Everyone has evil in them.
Even if you haven`t discovered it,
It`s there.
So, you can be good.
You could join the darkness,
The winning team.

Sad poems by: Rachel Jansma

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