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Sad Gothic Poems

Sad Gothic Poems: My Final Part

A tower grim; a glowering darkness,
And only brown of red the other hue
 I saw it in the distant eyes 
And yes, He knew, but focussed only
On the mortal soul of mine;
After all, He had a role to play,
And wine: my shivering blood to quaff!
If only I could Him betray 
To break the seal of destiny;
Escape the lone cacophony
That emanates from wailing minds!

Damn the fate of His  it awes and blinds!
But oh! the mighty hammer strikes a toll;
The slow approach of Him upon the knoll
Commences exudation of a dying heart.
Endorsing all, I saw my final part.

Sad poems: Mark R Slaughter

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