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Sad Poems: Depressing

Sad Poems: Forever and a Day

Forever and a Day

Fingers so freezing cold,
Laughter stirs the room.
Wanting forever to grow old,
Hoping forever starts soon.

Lips meet lips,
Kisses shared.
Hands toch hips,
Wondering who cared.

Tongues softly gliding,
Tears gently being cried.
People always hiding,
Im the one who tried.

Perfection meets lonely,
Tears begun to freely fall.
Wrists begging show me,
Aftery every scream and call.

Bloody wrists cover a day,
The laughing and the crying.
Asking please do not stay,
Everyone isn't trying.
No point trying when you're gonna fall,
No reason to point out what you need to say.
No memory to remember after all,
Yet pain lasts forever and a day,

Hurt me...I dare you.

Sad poems by: Annonymous

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