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Sad Love Poems And Quotes

Sad Poems: From Where

from where do you want me to tell you?
from what door do you want me to talk to you?
I can't handle this life
Tell me where to go!
I'm dying
as if a rose is loosing her petals
life goes by so fast as if...
someone has just finished peeling of an orange.
I can't stand it!
I have to speak!
My heart has been broken...
And can not heal back.
This life goes around in circles..
circles noone can understand
My heart has been broken
Into 5 pieces
Those 5 pieces are the roses petals
noone can heal my heart except those 5 pieces
I want to talk...
but from what door?
The 5 pieces have been all killed-
And they can not heal anymore!
Now from what door do you want me to talk to you from?
If they are gone
How can I talk anymore?

Sad Poems By: zahra

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