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Sad Poems: Night

Sad Poems: Gothic

Why am I befriended?
Why am I loved?
Why am I so sickend by the bright stars above?

My world is dark,
darkness is my world,
Why am I looked down apon like a stupid fourth grade girl?

My favorite color is black,
I hate bright lights,
and the dentist who looks apon my fangs with fright

Why am I like this? So alone?
Maybe because I was in a broken home.

Straying on the streets every night
staying out of the way of huge street lights

What is my calling in this dark world?
Just thinking about it made me want to hurl

I stare into the deep dark woods
thinking about what I could

I sit in my room , turn the lights off and mark my viens 

cut across for the hospital,cut down for the morgue

i cover my wrist

I think about the populars their stupid little lives

their happy endings

then I laugh,

they don't know how a goth like me has it

Sitting in the dark with my own little habbits.

Sad poems by: Trinity

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