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Sad Poems: Love

Sad Poems: Her Face

her facial picture smeared like clear tan clay,
painted like a mannequin that dances out to play;
spun into expressions of sporadic disarray,
and left undone to catch the sun
and wish the world away.

liquid looks from whispered, crystal eyes,
dripping down to hardened ground where all the fossils die;
a glance before the dove begins to fly
toward the new unblemished dew
she views with bright surprise.

the faceless man arrives and starts arranging all the blocks,
voicing wry opinions that the kid so cruelly mocks;
kicking all the toys toward the box,
he gives a wave toward the grave
that holds his heart and all its locks.

as he permits his castle-dreams to fade, like warming mist,
she glides into his spectrum lightly, risking to be missed;
all his feelings balled up like a trembling, sweaty fist,

her loving face, her deep embrace...
his heart, his fate…her kiss.

Sad poems by: riki

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