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Sad Poems: Endings

Sad Poems: I Am

I Am The Trickster
The Riddler
The Keeper Of The Balance.
I Am Known By Many Names And Many Faces
I Am Netural
I Fear Neither God Nor Devil
I Am The Courier,
The Messenger Of Dark And Light
I Am Dispassionate
I Show Neither Compassion Nor Merccy
I Am Feared By Many
I Reigh Dispair Onto Those Foolish Enough To Seek Me Out
I Greet The Few Who Have The Courage To Face Me Like Old Friends
I Answer To No One And To No Thing
I Find Purpose When I Stare Into Lifeless Eyes
I Am Doom And I Am Destiny
Of Who You Are; Be It Beggar Or King,
Or The Path You Take; Be It Good Or Evil
In The End
It Will Always Lead You To Me
I Am The Very Shadow That Walks Behind You
I Am The Board On Which The Game Is Played
I Am The Guardian Of All Life
Who Am I?

Sad poems by: Xochitl

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