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Sad Poems: Endings

Sad Poems: Inheritance

Thy sudden dread.
Unexpected shock.
Its deliverance.

Dark, forbidding your mere appearance.
A lifetime of disappointment.
Hate, suddenly buried.
By this cruel destiny.

To accomplish, our salvation.
Future and hope.
Gain respect.
Lives alone to cope.

Such unearned, cheap gains.
Through death's eternal loss.
Pointless, our worth.
Futile, all deed.

Yet, simple apology.
Remains another lifetime, to linger.
To hold, my will.

Possessed, by accursed memories.
Devious past.

Too soon.
Thy passing.
Too long.
Our conflict and pain.

Twisted, remains my soul.

Foul, thy memory.

Embittered, drained.
Deeply shamed.
Because of this likely gain.
And its bloated glory.

For through thy fatal end.
Were peace.
New advances lent.
Heavy, hateful and bound.

My heart remains…

Its empty doom and hollow.

No purpose.
To be found.
Regain a soul's measure.
Of life's understanding and pleasure.

To admit.
My heart's creed.
As better.
During thy life, to be seen.

Than through death's pain.
Irrevocable effects, indeed.

Sad poems by: Ilari

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