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Sad Love Poems And Quotes

Sad Poems: I Want

I always look out the window wondering
what am i doing here
and where am i at
i wanna leave
i wanna break out
i wanna go
i wanna leave
somewhere noone can see me cry
while its raining
so noone could see my tears
and how hard they are shrudding
noone feels
how i feel
i wanna be alone
i feel sadness
and loneliness too
i wanna break out
i wanna go back
to where i belong
and where i came from..
i wanna live
i wanna love
i wanna laugh....
but thats never gonna happen
without you..
i can't live
i wanna go
i wanna stay
with you
and never
leave you....

Sad Poems By: Zahra

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