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Sad Poems: Love

Sad Poems: Knight of the Night

Im alone in my room waiting
for my knight
my knight of the night

With skin paler than the moon
hair darker than my worst nightmare
the one who can give me his "kiss"

I lay awake waiting for Him
the one that will love me
the one ill belong to

He's out there
somewhere in the night
my beautiful, gothic
knight of the night

I wonder when He will
make me his
when He can show me his world of

with eyes so deep
I get lost everytime I look into them
his touch so cold
I belive he is carve out of marble

How my heart aches to be with Him
how it pains me day after day
like a thousand knives piercing it

Some call this love
I call it Hell

Whats that outside my window?
Its Him

The one who's lips are softer than
the one who has the features of a gothic angel
the one who will take my mortallity

He comes through athe window
his perfect black lips meet my neck
I feel a sharp pinch
then its over

"You ready?" He asks in a soft mellow voice
"Now I am." as I reply I could see
the never ending joy in his eyes
for Im his for all eternity

I head off into the night with Him
side by side
hand in hand

Im finally with him
with my Knight
my one and only
Knight of the Night

Sad poems by: Danielle

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