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Sad Poems: Depressing

Sad Poems: Synful Azariah And Sad Lie

Synful Azariah.

I sit and stare at these four walls
Seven deadly sins I have committed, so mother says
Envy, sloth, gluttony, lust, pride, greed... WRATH
Envy; She hits me once
Sloth; She hits me twice
Gluttony; I am beaten close to my demise
Lust; I stand
Pride; She falls
Greed; You can hear her screams throughout these bloody halls
All that's left is wrath. What happened to her, you ask? 
I don't know. You do the math.

Sad Lie

Everything is a lie
I'm a lie
You're a lie
It's a lie

Everything is defective
Families are defective
Friends are defective
God is defective

Everything is condemned
The sky is condemned
The earth is condemned
We're condemned

Everything is a lie...
And that is the only truth

Sad poems by: Keiko Shiroyama

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