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Sad Poems: Endings

Sad Poems: Nature

Fire Chills
This fire plays over my seared skin, 
I feel my limbs rotting away, charred, eating away layer by layer 
But all I can dully give attention to is my heart 
Its being pierced with chills, no warmth resides there 
I feel fire running down my cheeks I
 jump into the abyss of frozen fire As I dissolve into ash,
blowing away into nothing 
Night Darkness
All around me the darkness closes in 
I feel it seeping into my pores 
I gladly accept this numbness 
It wraps around my pained heart 
Making it slow I fall back 
Onto the shadows 
Shivers past though my already chilled body 
I sigh and close my blue eye lids Into a eternal darkness

Smoking Winds
Floating above the smoking breeze 
Coughing my heart out
But it hangs in my throat
Unable to come all the way out
Whilst I watch everyone laugh
I feel numb tears crash down my face
Unable to breath
Barely feeling my body contract
Nerves wracking inside of me
Heart bounding though me
Floating thought the coking winds   

Sad poems by: Kayla

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