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Sad Gothic Poems

Sad Gothic Poems: The Lady Of The Darkest Nights

I struggle with the vampire of shadows
The powerful sorceress that kills with one bite.
Lady of torturous haunts
Scorpion Seductress of soul-starving abduction
Doomstress of diseased defecating terrors
Temptress of thunderous lies…
Mistress ruler of my life.

She holds me close with affection
She strokes my body with perfection
Dark whispers that echo to winded moans
Sweet evil
Soft destruction
Comfort tones of promised deceit.
Her bloodened lips,
Sensual eyes
In a world of hypnotic sublime. 
Her realm of bewitching fantasy 
Her presence of devouring ecstasy 
Her touch is worth a demise. 

Capture me oh spider of black death 
Drown my screams with your forbidden kiss
Drink in my spirit frail and possessed. 

Her body of pale glass ice
A blackened mane on the creature of night.
Cautious adventure in a body bared
Lips touch,
Vision corrodes.
The time of magick 
Is no more. 

Sad poems by: Kathlena Kent

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