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Sad Poems: Endings

Sad Poems: Pain

What have you wrought?
A miasma of agony as perceptions writhes
Once we’ve savored innocence
But your thirst died
Unstained in hand and hand
A vengeful morass of agony
Emotions follow darkness, follow pain
Love taken away
In a haze of hatred
I condemn you

The stars pour out their tears
To wash us in our sin
But the vitae still remains
To drown us in our pain again
Now all we know is grieving
My last breath I shall take
In hopes that I will never wake

Though blackness shades my eyes
I will always find my place among the ashes
Shall the disease surface
Putting me in the place where I belong
The place where I long to be
Lost, alone, and cold
Through better or for worst
May I be punished for the worst?
And only the darkest curse

Blood can now drown my love
Blood can now eat away my heart
And shall lies be burned
And my life I shall throw away
For the haze in which is burdened upon me
Be depressed in pain for all eternity

Life is now gone
But may the pain live on.

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