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Sad Poems: Endings

Sad Poems: Shivers

In these moments.
As hope fades and all.
I sit, upon a ledge.
Stare at thee.

Eye-to-eye - Abyss.
Darkness within.
Contemplate, thy depth.

By what right  You.
Doth dictate, to me?
By whom chosen, anointed.
Elected thee.

Where, thy power?
Suddenly has come?
My liege.

Surprise lord.

I await, thy dread.
Feel, my insides to shrink.
Find it hard, to allow.
Thy swollen head, to swallow.

Awaiting, my turn.
Finally to burn.
The very melting.
Of my tallow.

In this fire, you yearn.

All horror and fear.
Barely do I dare.
To lift, my head anew.
What pains, misery?

Yet lie ahead?

As shivering, shaking.
I wallow and hide.
In midst of panic.
Hopeless drear.

Witnessed the beauty.
Of this last evening.
Shocking sunset.
Deep, into purpose burrowed.

Last look, at my soul.
I took, observed, grew alarmed.
Saw a fear of risk, death.
A new path of sorrow - Fate!

Weary, into darkness leaped.
Thus opted, hopeless deemed.

Sad poems by: Ilari

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