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Sad Poems: Morbid

Sad Poems: Smile

We're smiling,
We're having the time of our lives.
Little do we know whats gonna happen.

He's smiling,
As he poors something in the drinks.
He thinks it funny to spike our drinks.

He only want's me dead.
Why would you hurt others?
You're murdering innocent people.
But still you smile.

I walk off to the bathroom.
I lock the door, not noticing you're in there to.
You smile as you grab me.

I try to scream, run anything.
But I know its not gonna work.
I'm going to die.

While everyone is smiling and partying,
I'm being killed slowly,
Along with them.

They keep drinking.
One after the other.
I want to scream,
I want to save them.

But i know i can't
It's to late for me.
I just wish i could save them.

Someone bangs on the door,
'Oi, open the door'
They keep banging.

You climb threw the window.
And run, i'm on the floor.
Breathing but barely.

He brakes the door.
'Holy Moses'
He grabs me shakes me a little

'The drinks are spiked'
And then i pass out,
Nothing but black.

I think i'm going to die.
I'm sorry mum and dad.
I should have listened to you, and not have gone.

I wake up,
I'm alive.
I look around the room.

The same man from the party.
He smiles at me
'You saved them'
I smile, tears stinging my eyes.

He explains that they found him,
And that he killed himself.
You are holding me.

I smile and close my eyes for the last time.
Good-bye my hero.
Who ever you are.

I love you.

Sad poems by: Nicola

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