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Sad Poems Soon

Sad Poems - Soon enough by R. Enciso

soon enough you'll just be a memory
and ill forget what treasure you meant to me
but remember you as the painful friend of my sleepless nights
your voice remained the only thought in my mind
those things you said to me
how can such simple words
said softly by a girl
crush me so brutally
i stare at every star though not anymore do they shine
not like before
not like when you were mine
soon enough ill be happy
there are hundreds of pearls in the sea
though ill remember you as the girl who made me teary
soon enough youll just be a memory
and once you are, you can no longer hurt me

Sad Poems - Soon by inspectordeath

Walking on the shore, staring at the moon.
I can't handle it anymore, i will end the life soon.
I'm dieing from the core, changing my heart to stone.
It's killing me even more, to live forever in gloom...

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