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Sad Gothic Poems

Sad Gothic Poems: The Stranger

There`s a stranger inside my head
He keeps making my life seem dead.
I don`t know why he comes to me
He says he will never set me free.
There`s a danger inside my heart
It makes love feel so apart.
He tells me he`ll never leave my side
He says he won`t go back where he died.
There`s a ruler controlling my soul
As the years pass I feel unwhole.
I keep telling him to please leave my hide
But he swears I`m his eternal bride.
He sends misery down my spine 
It`s a paranormally unjust crime.
There`s nothing I can do but abide
There`s no use to start up a lie,
He reads every part of my mind.
Where I plan to go 
He knows
What I say 
Makes me pay
It`s a secret
Can you keep it
Don`t ask me anymore.

But there`s a stranger inside my head
I must lie with him in my bed.
I feel as though he rapes my living soul
When I refuse he comes for more
I must take it
I must fake it
Though my heartaches
It`s for my sake
Oh please…
Let me alone.

Sad poems by: Kathlena Kent

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