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Sad Gothic Poems

Sad Gothic Poems: Sad Twilights Dawn

at twilights dawn i see the shadowed destruction
i see the hope i know the fear
i am in the middle of it rite hear
i have caused death an destruction
witnessed the resurrection
been to hell an back an saw it all the imperfection
stood at heavens gate as i saw an insurrection
talked to god spoke to the devil
fought angels an demons without any trouble
i have walked on the astral plains
but all this was in vein for my destruction
came fourth from my pain

from the darkness the smell of fear
from the light the call of good i hear
an angel of beauty a demon of fear
together as one love they share
forbidden by all wat does there love care
all they see are each other eyes
an the love they hold deep inside
do they come from different world
they see wat the other can never behold
they see the beauty held in life
they see the torture an the strife
tho there love is shine by there kind
they care not they do not mine
to them the world has no meaning
all thier is to them is the love that is worth freeing

it calls my name from the darkness
begs me to enter in this sadness
promises me all i want my desires fulfilled without a second thought
the price it seems is all to fair
my soul in exchange for what i want rite here
shall i give in an be seduced
or should i turn away an refuse
only a fool would give up that chance
but a fool am i , i hold stead in my stance
tho tempting the offer may be
in the bigger picture its not what i want to be

Sad poems: devon meah

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