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Sad Gothic Poems

Sad Gothic Poems: Sad Welcome Poem

These voices,
 Breathing down my neck,
 Are making it hard to breathe,
 So hard,

 They are causing my head to spin,
 The room won't stay still,
 Its dark,
 Hands are cold,

 They are whispering,
 Barely audible,
 Yet echoing,

 They point me to a steel object,
 The metal is so cold,
 But in my hands it feels so warm,
 So welcome,
 So welcome,
 So welcome,
 So welcome,

 They're urging me,
 Place the bullet in my desolate heart,
 Where love is cold,
 My heart was crying,

 While yours was giving up hope,
 Love may hurt,
 It may make you cold,
 But, don't let it bury you.


 As I put the chamber on my chest,
 A shiver runs through my soul,
 As the hammer falls,
 A warmth runs through my body,
 This is when cold metal,
 Touches an even colder heart,

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