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Sad Poems: Endings

Sad Poems: Wilderness

In the midst.
Of a forest.
Dark, fell and gloom.
Desire brought.

I stayed.
Your delight.
Tender promise.

And made haste.

Idly stood by.
On the roadside.
Hoping, for your sight.
Our arranged chance.

Braved, thy gaze.
Risked ridicule.
My fellows.
That might.

In plain view.
Free sight.
Shyly asked.
If you would.

See me!
Just for once.
This intrusion.

Could you?
Take a little interest.
In me.

Answered, my request.
Not denied.
Thus assured happiness.
Exalted, on my way - I went.

To prepare, the best.
Wishes to show.
Satisfy every whim.
Love and honor thee.

Every dream.
All happiness.
We can do.

And think.

From every sight.
Slight touch.
Of your hand.
I tremble.

Wish to be thine!

Thus, here I stand.
Alone, among these trees.
Away swept.
By your hand.

Forgotten promise.
Ignored prayers.
Mocked, my plea.
Grimly sentenced.

For these crimes.
To have dared.
To hope.
To have loved.

Once desired.

Still holding.
A bundle of roses.
Slowly withering.
Face thunder, soaking rain.

Hear, as my heart silently weeps.
A Lone Crow, crows.

Sad poems by: Ilari

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