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Sad Poems: depressing

Sad Poems: Short Sad Poems

Sad Broken Heart

 Tear the heart from the soul
 Never again can it be whole.
 Rip the heart from the chest
 it was a pain greater than guessed.
 Crush the mind and yourself
 for it hurt you in your crumbling health
 fall apart in your head
 it does not matter you'll soon be dead

Dancing with the devil

there were times when i thought i saw the devil.
but it was just all my sins that follow. 
but now i look 100 miles and find im dancing with the devil. 
i have heard 1000 times that the devil is real 
but it was just the spirits that follow to much. 
dancing with the devil.......  

Sad poems by: Antonio Rubenstein 


come, step into my little world of pain
ill hang you on a rack and let you drain, 
just as i sit there and cry, 
ill dress you in a monage of blood and pain 
come step into my life, 
step into my lair and see what you can gain

Sadness is blue.
It tastes like salt water,
And smells like old clothes, cold and unworn.
Sadness is a girl, running in the night,  
It sounds like sobs of pain
And feels like ice

Sad poems by: Phoebe Woollett 

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