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Sad Gothic Poems

Two Sad Gothic Poems

My biomechanical heart beats in an emotionless state
It is hard to breath and there's no emotion I can fake
Dust rules my bloodless, robotic soul
So ashes to ashes and dust to dust
I shalt embrace as through this world i stroll

All life hath left this empty shell of mine
I'm cursed to wander this Hell till the end of time
Spitting on angels and God's Christ alike
Beheading them then impaling their head's with pikes
Into the ground they lay, caring not what they're worth
Some I bury, in places never to be unearthed

Like serpents of spirit akin to the laughter of the planes
We telleth our story to those that share our pain
Our cold metal beings forged in rage and defiance
Sworn to each other in blood drenched alliance

And so it be told that all who oppose
Shalt it be inevitable that the dead rip the imposed
And lay their bloody bodies along moors of infernality
To scream forever yet causing no racket for eternity

Likeness of the pen scrapes across the blank page
The ink is of blood, the page is of skin
And the pen is of blade to let out my rage
And i let it flow down to give birth to my sin.

Death is my name; Lacerations, my game.
This blade of mine has shed till the ages of old
And it shall continue to bring shame
Ask not for whom the bell tolls
For in the next seconds of three
Your light cuts off. It tolls for thee.

Sad poems: eric leftwich

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